Professional Roles:
  • Founder/director of Somatic Academy Berlin (Ausbildungs- und Trainingsinstitut)
  • Founder/director of Village.Berlin >>
  • Middendorf Breath Therapist
  • Continuum Teacher authorized 2011
  • Founding and ongoing member of Continuum Teacher Association (since 2016)
  • Vorstand Queer Matters e.V. 
  • ISMETA member (International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association
  • Member AFA - Arbeits- und Forschungsgemeinschaft für Atempflege
  • Workshop & training facilitator, coach, consultant
  • Festival curator Stretch Festival / Body IQ Festival


  • 3.5 years Breath Practitioner training as developed by Prof. Ilse Middendorf, with Jörg Roffler and Prof. Middendorf at Middendorf Institute for Breath Experience, Berkeley, CA (1999-2002)
  • Many continuing education courses with Prof. Ilse Middendorf at the Middendorf Institute in Berlin (2000-2008)
  • Study of Continuum with Emily Conrad/Susan Harper, Los Angeles and Mary Abrams, New York (2006-2011)
  • Heilpraktiker for Psychotherapy (German HPG 2012)
  • Continuing education training "Breath-Tonus-Sound" with Maria Höller Zangenfeind, Zurich & Munich (2004-2010)
  • Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage certification at Body Electric School, Oakland, California (1996)
  • Sexual Healing, Body Electric School, Oakland, California (1997-99)
  • 1 year integral consciousness and Tantra with Dr. Rudolph Ballentine, New York (1999)
  • 1 year energy healing with Martha Piesco & Lawrence Hoff, Fire and Wind Healing Institute, New York (1997)
  • 1 year Shiatsu at Ohashi Institute, New York (1997)
  • 1 year NLP/Hypnosis practitioner training at Institute Christoph Mahr, Berlin (2008)
  • 6 months Coach training with Nandana Nielson at NLP & Coaching Institute, Berlin (2008)
  • Full Wave Breathing, Dr. Thomas Goode, International Breath Institute, Boulder, Colorado (1997)
  • Cranio-Sacral-Therapy, basic level with Hans-Jörg Bauer, Paracelsus School, Berlin (2008)
  • "Forum", "Advanced Course", "Self-Expression Leadership" (SELP) & "Communication" courses with Landmark Education, New York (1998-2000)

Collaborations and Associations:

  • AFA - Arbeits- und Forschungsgemeinschaft für Atempflege (breath work- and research association)
  • Atemtherapeuten Berlin (Breath Therapists of Berlin)
  • MIBE - Middendorf Institute for Breathexperience, Oakland/San Francisco
  • ISMETA - International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association
  • Continuum Teacher Association, USA
  • Atem Tonus Ton Zurich/Freiburg
  • Atemschule Schwendimann (school for breath education), Zurich
  • Sexological Bodywork, Zurich
  • Easton Mountain Retreat Center, Greenwich, New York
  • Moving Body Resources, New York
  • Akademie Waldschlösschen
  • DOCH, Stockholm
  • xplore Berlin, Vienna, Rome
  • Checkpoint queer+, Zurich
  • Schwulenberatung Berlin