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This site is currently under construction and incomplete.


Welcome to my site!

I am a Middendorf Breath therapist, a Continuum teacher, an intuitive bodyworker and a body-oriented sexuality and relationship coach. I hold the German Heilpraktiker license for psychotherapy. Currently, I am based in Berlin.

The primary focus and passion of my life is to open to the teaching and the wisdom of the body.

I am part of a variety of projects that aim to educate about the potency of the conscious body within the human experience. Since the body is with us in virtuallly any context, everything can be affected by the way we relate to it.

I specialize in these domains of application:

  • body + personal developement/self-actualization
  • body + self-management/leadership
  • body + sexuality/relationship/communication

I co-founded the Somatic Academy Berlin which is devoted to offer and research the best in bodybased learning (somatics).

Under the umbrella of "Authentic Eros" and "Authentic Eros Beyond Gender", I offer year-long trainings, workshops and 1-on-1 individual work. "Authentic Eros" is a synthesis of somatics, conscious sexuality/realtionship work and personal/transpersonal development. 

I curate and organize two festivals: STRETCH FESTIVAL (for gay, bi, trans and queer men) and BODY IQ (for somatics professionals, organizations and lay people).

As a guest teacher, I collaborate with various organizations and schools in Europe and the United States.

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