Authentic Eros - Weekend

Authentic Eros - Weekend

Exploring your dynamics in love, sex and intimacy

  • Have you ever wondered how to connect sexual freedom with emotional fulfillment? 
  • Can you recognize your own needs and express them despite the possibility of rejection? 
  • Do you feel like you are just going through the motions? 
  • Do you long to be truly seen or heard? 
  • Do you want to feel more uninhibited? 
  • Do you surf the net too often and for too long? 
  • Has the sex-life with your partner become patterned or stale? 
  • Have you ever asked yourself what kind of ecstatic states or depths of surrender you are capable of? 
  • Would you like to get out of your head and into your body? 
  • Do you wonder how to create or allow truly intimate connections?

Questions such as these are often held by men who find AUTHENTIC EROS.

 In this workshop, we give you the space to think deeply about what aspects of your sexual/erotic/intimate life are important to you now and which ones you may not want anymore. In an atmosphere of trust, playfulness, and discovery you can experiment with new skills and ways useful for your general relationship life, your sexuality and intimate encounters.

Using a mixture of solo, partner and group exercises including witnessing, mirroring and self-enquiry, we will cover:  

  • an opportunity to ask yourself good questions about sexuality, Eros and relationship developing greater presence
  • slowing down so you can properly read and experience the context you are in 
  • welcoming the unknown and dancing with it 
  • distinguishing what is really present from creating a story about it 
  • the courage to express clearly what you feel and what you want 
  • saying “No” and accepting a “No” from another 
  • discovering that your body is already an erotic event in and of itself 
  • expanding your touch, listening and nonverbal skills 
  • exploring counter scenarios to habits you want to transform

We work with the desires and growth of each participant, emphasizing individual freedom of choice, clear boundaries and self-responsibility. We support you to accept yourself and to let yourself be as you are – that is what we mean by “authentic”. There is not something to be acquired - just someone to be embraced: YOU.