Breath and Presence

Breath and Presence

SOUL OF SKIN Touch & Massage Workshops

SOUL OF SKIN is a yearly cycle of ten weekend workshops. The 10 methods can be booked individually. If you complete the whole training you will receive a SOUL OF SKIN Certificate. 
Experienced teachers will offer one method in each module. Discover massage as a form of intimate encounter! Expand your skills and abillities as a professional, as a lover or a partner.
Everybody is welcome. The workshop cycle is for anyone from beginners to bodywork professionals.
Kai Ehrhardt facilitates the modules 'Breath & Presence' & 'Taoist-Erotic Massage'.

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Breath & Presence: This weekend we learn to read the natural breath in the body of the receiver and how to work with it. Through attetntive and aware hands as well as subtle stimulations we get in contact with the movement of the breath and its ever-changing rhythm. This stimulates the breath to flow freely and affects our circulation and metabolism in general. Using breath awareness we can access and realease unconscious layers of physical and emotiontional tension. A deep sense of trust and wellbeing arises.

Breath & Presence

Soul of Skin